Free Monthly Websites 2.0

Free Monthly Websites has been one of the leading providers of FREE websites for over TEN YEARS, with over 50,000 people taking advantage of the free website we have offered each and every month


That These Work BIG TIME!

We know a lot of people don’t know much about building a successful site, such as SEO, Keyword Research, Product Placement, Niche Selection and Design that will generate a healthy Affiliate Income too.

We understand that a lot of people may struggle when it comes to editing the website to make it unique to themselves

With YOU in Mind!

Yes, Free Monthly Websites 2.0 is here and you no longer have to worry about editing complicated HTML code as we have taken care of that for you, and you no longer have to worry about anything to do with website design as we have taken care of that for you too.

You do the same, and the following month the same

This really is as easy as it gets, watch the video to see how long it takes to set up a Free Monthly Website.

We research all the niches for these websites to the MAX, and are extremely confident in our ability to provide you with some of the most profitable untapped niches out there.

So What Have You Got to Lose!

“Ok guys, that sounds great, but I’m not stupid, I mean why would you give away these sites each and every month, you get nothing for nothing.

We like to think of this as win, win for everyone, we give you awesome websites that can earn you money, and we earn a little for some of the products you sell via these websites.

We feel this is the perfect business setup.

Remember, we will supply you with a FREE, content rich website each and every month, and all you have to do is sign up for FREE below to get yours.


You Have The Chance To Upgrade To Our PREMIER MEMBERSHIP, Giving You a MASSIVE Selection Of Premier Membership Features!.

Take a look at the additional, EXCLUSIVE features that you will receive as a Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Premier Member: Much More 100% PLR Article Content.

With the Premier Membership service you get 20+ pages of Private Label content in your website every month.

Premier members will receive additional training that will show you how to drive traffic and build the best performing website possible.

You will even receive one on one telephone support if required

Take advantage of this AWESOME upgrade and see the true POWER of Free Monthly Websites 2.0.

I understand I will receive additional training to help me get the most from Free Monthly Websites 2.0.

Remember that our Premier Members will unlock all the powerful features listed on this page and really unlock the true potential of Free Monthly Websites.


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